Feed Your Ears // Lukid, Stott & Eno

In a pledge to reaffirm my love for music in its many different forms and to rectify the fact that my music-related musings are generally disorganised, impromptu (and not in a good way) I decided to establish some new order with a  ‘Feed Your Ears’ section. This week it’s all about three (very) different artists who have been sending some lovely sounds into my eardrums of late.

Lukid – Lonely At The Top

I think the first time I heard a Lukid track was back in 2008 and had I known he would go on to be signed to Ninja Tune I would have probably kept a closer eye on him over the course of his musical career. Well, fast forward a couple of years and here’s his album for the aforementioned record label. Voila. This is just one of my favourite tracks from the album but you should definitely check out the entire collection on Ninja Tune’s website here.

Andy Stott – Luxury Problems

If you like your techno then you’re most likely going to enjoy this new offering from Manchester producer Andy Stott. I first caught ear of this lovely young man last year when he released Passed Me By via Modern Love. His new LP, Luxury Problems, isn’t what you would expect from Stott if you’re au fait with his previous releases – he’s getting all vocal on us – but no less impressive of course. Go listen.

Brian Eno – Lux

Does everyone have a forthcoming album on Warp these days? It seems that way. Flying Lotus, Mount Kimbie, and, of course, Brian Eno. Unfortunately Warp don’t let us embed the ol’ SoundCloud player so head over to the site to stream the entire album here. It’s a goodun.

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  1. Lukid has just joined glacier lakes as an obsession! Cool.

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